Self-employed cook

My name is Angelo, 1 of the 16 Self-employed Cooks within HNY. We are always very busy with us, you can perhaps imagine this with a total kitchen team of 35 people. Who are all these people I wondered at the beginning…  this ranges from our Kitchen Manager with Sous Chefs to the Assistant Cooks and Apprentices and everything in between. On a busy evening, we are in total with 6 to 7 cooks in the distribution kitchen, to ensure that everyone who comes to eat in our Café-Restaurant is served a high-quality dish.

As a self-employed chef you are regularly in the serving kitchen, but also in the preparation kitchen, here, as the name says, the MEP is made. For example, we make a lot of sauces, shrimp croquettes and tuna ourselves. In this way you at least know that you can stand behind the product. So sometimes I'm upstairs, then downstairs and other times responsible for passing on dishes for parties in our meeting rooms. In the summer we provide dishes from the “Maaskant”, the pavilion on the terrace, for the guests who enjoy the sun there. And we just toil… That close beer is always welcome! Do you like variety and constant quality and would like you like to meet me? You know what you have to do… then apply now for an Independent Working Cook!

What makes you the perfect colleague?
  • That you can work at least 2 shifts per week, of which at least 1 during the week and 1 during the weekend.
  • Working independently is important, but you must also be able to perform in a team.
  • Dare to ask questions! We rather have that you are asking too many questions than too less.

What can Hotel New York offer me?
  • Growth: Hotel New York is part of the growing Westcord hotel chain, where I can always keep developing.
  • Reliability: our salary is paid on time!
  • Our schedule is always published on time, about 2 weeks in advance, so I have time to make plans with family and friends.
  • 30/30 Member: besides the salary, Hotel New York offers other extra’s like: hotel stay for only  €30,- including breakfast in HNY and other Westcord hotels // 30% off of products in our gift shop and Westcord products // 30% off of your table bill (combination of drinking and dining) // 30% off of Wellness in Westcord Hotels.
  • In-house courses given by our Hospitality trainer.
  • New-colleague bonus: €250,- when you bring on a new colleague and this person gets hired!
  • Working for HNY makes me extremely happy because of the dynamic workplace and the huge team we have here. We really are a TEAM!

Interested? Call 010-4390580 or apply even more easily via WhatsApp. Would you like to know more about a position or would you like to let us know that you are interested? Send a message to (+31)6-11746431.