Meet Debby
Working at Westcord Hotels

Meet Debby

Meet Debby

Hotel New York by WestCord

I'm Debby, 29 years old, and I work as a Duty Manager at Hotel New York. I found my way here thanks to two colleagues I've known for a long time. I feel like I've really found my place in this role and at Hotel New York. I work in different departments, usually one department per day, wherever help is needed the most at that time. Working in different departments makes my job very diverse and varied. Plus, I keep learning new things every day because there's always something new happening or changing in the departments.

I started directly as a Duty Manager, which meant I had to be trained in multiple departments. I started at the front desk and reservations. Then I was trained in the restaurant, the event spaces, and the NY Basement. I still learn from the different departments every day. I want to further develop in this area to ultimately improve the guest experience and hospitality together with the various teams.

The work atmosphere within the hotel is great! My colleagues are very friendly and helpful. As a Duty Manager, I'm in many different places, but I'm always open to offering help and answering questions.

As I mentioned earlier, I usually work in one department per day. This could be multiple departments per week because on some days, it's necessary to help out in different departments. This means sometimes I'm at the reservations desk, helping out at the front desk during busy times, or pitching in at the restaurant during a hectic lunch. This makes the work very varied.

What's most important to me in a job? Enjoyment and diversity in the work. And I've definitely found that at Hotel New York!