Meet Kim
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Meet Kim

Meet Kim

Who are you, how long have you been working here and what are you currently doing at HNY?

My name is Kim. I have been working at Hotel New York for 12 years with great pleasure. At the moment I work in the Human Resources department

What is the reason you applied to HNY 12 years ago?

12 years ago I moved from Zeeland to Rotterdam because of my studies. Because of this I was looking for a nice side job where I could also get to know new people. I heard about Hotel New York through a friend and I immediately applied for a job in the Restaurant of Hotel New York.

What does your day look like right now?

My day actually looks very different every day, but always starts with reading my mail so that I am aware of everything.

Then the other day I have some job interviews or, for example, a tour of a school. Of course, employment contracts must also be made, and applicants must be called.

We also give new employees an introduction, explain our working method and give a tour.

In short, it is a varied job and very challenging.

What is the reason you are still working at Hotel New York after 12 years?

The reason I still work at Hotel New York after 12 years is because I think it's a super nice and educational company. Every day is different so it never gets boring. It's a super fun team that really feels like a family. Everything is very well organized and they have given me great opportunities.

How do you find the development opportunities within HNY?

I think the development opportunities within Hotel New York are very good, how I have been able to develop myself within this company is really special. I started in the F&B in the restaurant and I have already been able to learn a lot and develop myself. Last year Hotel New York gave me the opportunity to strengthen the Human Resources department. In recent months I have learned a lot and developed myself. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the energy they put into me to make me a better employee.

What do you think are the 3 best things about HNY?

  • The atmosphere between colleagues, it really feels like a big family
  • The career opportunities
  • The career opportunities

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